Swallows’ Swan Song

Merok Mill House enjoys the visits of a number of families of swallows throughout the summer months. After a hectic breeding season they have headed off back to their winter feeding grounds in North Africa (I presume).. Before they went they spent many a morning (and afternoon) chittering, or the swallows’ swan song, so to …

Puppy Loki in the Buttercups

Ok, so this one is from last year, but Loki was enjoying exploring the buttercups during some lovely weather.  He has grown significantly since then, but this shot was just too good to not post.

Laconic Loki

Laconic Loki has taken ownership of the kitchen window sill. ‘A lovely place to sit and observe the goings on in the kitchen’ he intimated with a big swish of his tail. He even lets Rex up for short periods also..  

Summer’s Here

Its always a joy when summer arrives but this year Summer arrived with a bump in the form of the newest arrival at our lovely neighbours, the Gransha Equestrian Centre, a beautiful foal.  We stopped off to say hello to her yesterday.  She is simply gorgeous.  She is enjoying just hanging out with Mom and getting used to …

Gransha Horse Trials Second Weekend.

There was a fantastic turnout for the second weekend of the Gransha Horse Trials 30/31 May 2o15, and the weather played its part a bit better than the first weekend with a lovely bright day.  As well as some pics we took ourselves, Neil  Armstrong sent us some fantastic pictures from some particularly good vantage …

Gransha Horse Trials 2015

Gransha Horse Trials 2015 (1 of 2) Gransha Equestrian ran a fantastic inaugural  Gransha horse trials event this weekend with over 40 riders competing in various classes.  The course was laid out across their full estate and included some jumps located in our fields . It really was a tremendous event.  The organisation and planning …

Golden Morning

Some of the riding school horses graze in the golden morning sun.  Early summer with plenty of rain and sunshine makes for great pasture and the horses, some of whom are still wearing their coats are happy to be out on grass.  Happy horses make for happy riders and I like to think that the learners benefit …

Llocal Llamas

Llocal llamas of llama llane Now these fellows (and I imagine by the increase in their numbers over the llast year that there are some fillies also) llive on Green Road, which we re-christened ‘Llama Llane’ in their honour.  They are always a dellight to llook at. Only a short llittle stroll away if anyone is interested. …

Horses at Merok Mill House

We are blessed with our views and the countryside surrounding Merok Mill House.  The chestnut and grey graze in the fields in front of the house.  They are a pleasure to watch nuzzling each other.

When Great Danes come to play

You just never know who or what you might meet at Merok… Great Danes make a majestic sight when they are bounding across the fields.  One of our neighbours makes a welcome visit to see the lads.  Woof Woof.