We call it the Mill House because of the large mechanical wheels which sit on the back wall.  Now we don’t mean to mislead anyone into thinking that we sit on a river and have a large water driven paddle wheel driving some massive wooden structure, though that would be nice.  Our friend Neil Armstrong remembers the farmer, whose name I shall find, back in the 70’s had large mechanical milling machines running off these wheels for milling his barley and other crops.

The window adjacent to the entrance stairs might indicate that in times long gone that a steam engine or other device might have been parked outside to provide the power to run these wheels before the introduction of combustion engine and more recently electric machines.

Merok Mill House - Self catering Cottages Northern Ireland - Milling at the Mill House

In fact when working on the mezzanine floor during this period of renovation there was ample evidence of milling activity under the floorboards and between the joists.